Wet weather policy

We will always endeavour to run the sessions. Please always assume tennis is on. We will contact you if tennis is cancelled due to inclement weather. So if you don't her anything, please arrive for tennis as normal.

When enrolling on a children's course please complete a player information sheet so we have a phone number that we can contact you on. We will cancel sessions 30 minutes prior to the session start time. If we start a session we will try and finish it. We will not start a session if it is raining heavily and the forecast shows no improvement. We may start in light rain, so please arrive if you haven't been notified of cancellation.

If we do cancel, we will offer make up sessions during the week, so that the player is able to get on court regularly. Please get in touch to learn when the best time is to make up for missed sessions. 

We do run the coaching programme year round.