MTC Values

Our main objective is that all players enjoy their tennis, improve their understanding of the game, and stay in the game for many years to come

Nigel Matthews

What you can expect from us: 

  • All group lessons will include serve and return exercises, as these are the two most important shots in a match, and are often neglected.
  • We will teach juniors to volley and learn how to play doubles, with the aim of progressing into the senior doubles teams when ready.
  • Juniors will hit as many balls as possible during their group lesson.
  • We will always finish lessons with some points play, this is very important.
  • Our coaching aims to provide value for money meaning that parents receive maximum output / improvement for minimum input.
  • We believe competition improves motivation and increases the willingness to learn. Currently at Storrington LTC we have the most regularly competing juniors of any club in Sussex, this means our players come to coaching motivated to improve. Therefore, we will run regular competitions.