Equipment   (String, grips and balls) 


re-stringWe offer a comprehensive racquet re-stringing service. Racquets can be repaired very quickly with a range of strings on offer.


Junior re-string £16 - standard string (Polyester or Synthetic Gut)

Adult re-string £18 - standard string

Re-string using your own string £10


More expensive strings such as Luxilon and Wilson are on offer and range between £20-£22. If I don't have the string you want, I can order anything of your choice.  



Grips gonzo re-gripping

Along with re-stringing, you may also need a new grip, we have many different types of replacment grips.


Karakal - £3.50 (Black, White, Pink, Multi-colour)


karakal grip


Wilson - £5.50 (Black, White)

wilson grip 2wilson grip


 You can buy new balls, we currently have in stock Head Instinct (4 balls) and Penn (3 balls) £3. 

Image result for head instinct balls £4.50 per tube                                       Image result for penn balls £3 per tube