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where ever you go, there is alway tennis!

(October 30, 2011)
Another good news story comes from the University of Surrey, where SLTC junior Owen Davies is embarking on student life. Owen has always attended tennis coaching once a week at SLTC.
Over this summer Owen started to get more involved and booked some individual lessons and joined in with senior club time, where he tells me he is yet to lose a set! After briefing Owen that the first thing he had to do when he gets to University is join the tennis club, he duly did.
During trials Owen finished 12th out of 120 players (including 2nd and 3rd years!) meaning that he had made it into the 2nd team. This is great news, as Owen should now compete against other Universities in the BUSA leagues. 
We look forward to Owen returning as a tennis ace!   


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