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Club gains Satellite Accreditation

(October 29, 2010)
LTA Satellite
Storrington LTC has been awarded tennis Satellite Accreditation by the LTA.
The LTA website describes this as:
Satellite clubs focus on the development of players under the age of 12. These centres are key to the development of tennis in Britain as they are responsible for developing up and coming young players and feeding them into the High Performance Centres (HPCs) across the country.

Satellite clubs are required to meet a number of set criteria. Some examples include:

  • Achieving Tennis Clubmark. 
  • Delivering a complete tennis programme with a key focus on mini tennis and under 12’s. 
  • Delivering a complete programme of intra and inter club competition.   (LTA, 2010)
This means added support for the club from the LTA for mainly the Mini tennis section. SLTC will now receive some funding which will be used to help subsidise the costs of coaching for talented Mini's. This will mean them playing more tennis and reaching a higher level of performance.  
As SLTC continues to develop this should only help push the standard of tennis higher within the club. The goal for these players is to reach county level, doing well at County Talent ID and then moving onto Regional ID.
Exciting times for SLTC.


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