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SLTC Juniors moving up!

(January 08, 2010)



We are delighted to see that the following junior players have moved up the rating ladder at the mid-point of this winter run! Well done!

Eleanor Inman           9.1
Nicole Allan                9.2
Nicholas Bristow      9.2
Isabel Bryant             9.2
Jamie Bristow           10.1
David Wakefield        10.1
Jamie Sawyer            10.1
Double Jump
Darcey Inman             9.2  



If you are a junior with a rating of 10.2 or 10.1 you need to achieve:


-         4 wins to move from a 10.2 to 10.1

-         A further 4 wins to move from a 10.1 to 9.2

                  (Please let me know if you have 4 wins and I will notify the County office)                             

If you are a junior with a rating of 9.2 or higher, you need to achieve:

- 7 qualifying wins (against your rating or higher) with a 60% win/loss ratio in all qualifying matches.
Next ratings run cut off date: 28th March 2010.  

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