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Juniors moving up

(October 10, 2008)
Congratulations to Storrington juniors who improved their LTA rating this summer, may it continue to increase.
These players double jumped: 
Georgie Windus 9.2 
Elliot Pretty 9.2 
Eleanor Inman 9.2 
Dominic Fritche 9.2 
Romey Fritche 9.2 
These players moved up one rating: 
Jack Walls 10.1 
Edward Pretty 10.1 
Josh Lepine 10.1 
Georgia Aviss 10.1 
Holly Allan 10.1 
To move from a 10.2 to 10.1 or 10.1 to 9.2 you need to win 4 matches against other rated players. All juniors now have a rating. Once you reach 9.2 it becomes harder, you have to beat 7 players of the same rating or higher. 
Mini tennis players also now have ratings, so we are hoping to see a number of Mini tennis players improve their rating over the winter. 

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