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New membership high for Storrington

(September 24, 2008)
Storrington LTC membership figures currently stand at an impressive 466!!!!!
This figure includes 123 junior members, and 72 Mini tennis members. The Mini membership (£10) has been introduced this year for children aged 8 and Under, it means they can play with their parents (even if they are not members), have access to professional coaching, and compete in our summer tournament, as well as receiving reduced summer/easter camp rates and saturday morning fees.
Currently there are 271 adult members. These figures have increased rapidly over the past 18 months. When Caroline and I arrived at Storrington there were 252 members. The combination of an inclusive coaching programme catering for all ages and abilities, an active committee, including improved communications with members and advertising has led to these great results. Not to mention the excellent job our Junior co-ordinator has done.
Despite these improved membership figures the club is happy to accept new members, as the pressure on our 8 courts is still relatively low. The club hopes these figures will continue to grow, especially in the junior and mini sections. 
As a result of this sucess Storringon LTC are always looking to improve facilities for it's members. The latest project is to install floodlights on courts 6/7/8 meaing all 8 courts will be floodlit.    

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